Artists in Residence

Our Artists in Residence (AiRs) are established Disabled creators who work within DM as part-time PAYE employees for 10 months. We believe in providing artists with the rare stability of PAYE work, sick pay and pensions contributions. The artists are given creative tasks and the chance to work together on projects that encourage both the development of their musical practice and the development of Drake Music as an organisation. AiRs produce a final piece of work at the end of their 10 months, which is showcased here.

Artists in Residence 2023

Ysabelle Wombwell

Photograph of Ysabelle Wombwell
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Daisy Higman

A photograph of Daisy Higman
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Artists in Residence 2022

Katy Rose Bennett

A white woman who has a quiff and the side of her head is shaved. She is lying back, head tilted up and her eyes are closed.
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Rebekah Ubuntu

The artist Rebekah Ubuntu, is DJ-ing on a sparkling turquoise audio mixer. They have braided cyan coloured hair and wear a gold sequinned jacket and colourful light-up rings on their fingers. Behind them are paintings on a white gallery wall.
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Rufus Isabel Elliot

A white person with long brown hair. It is looking at the camera and standing in front of a dark metal shutter and brick wall.
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Artists in Residence 2021

Gareth Cutter

A photograph of a red rubber glove, a small bottle of liquid, a hand written note and a tape measure on a table. The wall behind is covered in clear plastic.
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Sonia Allori

A photograph of Sonia Allori playing the clarinet
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Elinor Rowlands

Image of Elinor Rowlands
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Ascendant Artists

‘Ascendant’ (Adjective.) Definition: Rising in power or influence (i.e. for artists who are experienced, but may still be under the radar). Our Ascendant artists are Disabled musicians working in any genre who have more than 3 years’ experience. They are commissioned to create a piece of music, drawing on a £2k seed fund provided by DM.

Ascendant Artists 2022

Calum Perrin

A double exposure colour photograph of a white person. They are wearing a light shirt and dark jacket. In the background
there is a blue sea and sky and a green landscape. The photograph is double exposed with handprinted blue flowers.
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Florence Anna Maunders

A black and white photograph of a white woman with brown hair. She’s wearing a ribbed, high neck jumper. In the background is a studio space with a keyboard and shelves on the wall.
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Emergent Artists

Emergent Artists 2021


A photograph of Alebdo.
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A photograph of R.Dyer.
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Elle Chante

A photograph of Elle Chante.
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Emergent Artists 2022

Andre Louis

A photograph of Andre Louis.
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Sha Supangan

A photograph of Sha Supangan.
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