Daisy Higman

A photograph of Daisy Higman

Daisy is a freelance composer, voice teacher, singer, lecturer, and theatre-maker based in the South-West. With over 10 years’ experience in facilitation, Daisy regularly runs music and theatre workshops with a wide range of groups and specialises in accessible, co-creative practice

Her work has taken her into schools, community centres, universities, drama schools, colleges, theatres, day-centres, yoga studios – even aquariums. She has worked with groups to create albums, demos, podcasts, gigs, installations and shows and has run career development programs and skills building workshops for young musicians. She also works part time as a Music Support Officer for the RNIB.

As a composer, Daisy has written music for theatre, film, dance companies, vocal ensembles, community groups, and choirs. Her work includes sound installations on a double-decker bus, a folk musical about cheese-rolling, a welcome message for extra-terrestrials performed at a satellite station, and the opening ceremony of a travelling museum.

She also arranges songs for her choirs and is particularly interested in collaborative vocal improvisation. She is working on a song cycle about birds, grief and transformation and developing a new piece about disability and utopia.